Decentralized AI Sharing Protocol
for the Web3 Economy
based on Polkadot Stack

Make thousands of AI algorithms ubiquitous across multiple blockchain systems
BUTX Intro

A comprehensive protocol ecosystem

The BitUp protocol empowers AI algorithm providers to sell their service in an anonymous and secure manner, and earn with an advanced economic model while preserving privacy

AI algorithm developers

AI algorithm users



An anonymous and secure marketplace

Connect AI algorithm providers and users across multiple blockchain systems (BTC, ETH, etc.) to participate in a decentralized marketplace that is open and accessible to all

Advanced encryption for end-to-end security

Thousands of well-tuned AI algorithms

Anonymous privacy-preserving API calls

Automatic economic model for charging via tokens

A suite of tools for a new tokenized world

We build state of the art open-source apps on top of BitUp protocol and contribute to the world of decentralized technology.

Performance evaluation

Evaluate accuracy and performance of AI algorithms, and provide feedback


Testing modules for AI algorithm developers and users

Statistics & Management

Manage usage statistics and dashboard for spending and earnings

AI Dapp

AI Dapps on top of AI algorithms, such as trend prediction, game playing, etc.

A bridge between blockchain and the future AGI

Since its birth in 1956, AI has greatly reshaped the world. BitUp will provide a bridge between rapidly developing blockchain technology and the future AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to solve real problems

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